new photos from the Mario Kart attraction and in the park


Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is always revealed with new photos. We now have an official opening date and details about the Mario Kart attraction

In the Super Nintendo World Mario Kart attraction

A few days ago we invited you to discover aerial photos of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. If you didn’t know, an amusement park dedicated entirely to the world of Mario is about to open in Osaka. There you will find Peach’s Castle, Bowser’s Castle, yellow blocks, pipes and even a Mario Kart track. After the aerial photos, today it’s time for a video and photos inside the sights. You can discover a huge stone statue of Bowser, a corner with all the Mario Kart trophies, a Mario Kart attraction, but also a large staircase.

In relation to the Mario Kart attraction, virtual reality is used. Passengers are equipped with a special cap and have the opportunity to drive the kart a little and send shells to other visitors. During this attraction you will have the opportunity to traverse different worlds from Mario Kart and even a rainbow road. Super Nintendo World Japan will officially open on February 4th, 2021. We let you discover the new photos and a promotional video.