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New Netflix series: “Portugal is terrible. A terrible place, the worst”

New Netflix series: “Portugal is terrible. A terrible place, the worst”

The characters of Steve Carell and Diana Silvers engage in a curious dialogue about our country in the second season of “Space Force.”

The second season of Space Force, created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, premiered on Netflix on February 18. Similar to the first part of the story, the American production references Portugal again, this time in a dialogue between Erin Naird, the character of Diana Silvers, and General Mark R. Naird (Steve Carell). The conversation takes place in the opening moments of the seventh episode.

When the daughter tells her father that she thinks she should move to Portugal, he replies: ‘This is going to sound a bit xenophobic, but Portugal is terrible. A horrible place, the worst.” It’s a clear attempt to dissuade her from the idea of ​​traveling far from him, not least because “there are excellent hiking trails 30 kilometers from the base”.

However, in the first season, the reference to Portugal appears in the first episode when the General is talking about the return of Man to the Moon, revealing the slogan chosen by the American President. “Boots on the moon! And while this is an international mission bringing together the best and brightest in the world, I guarantee it will be American boots. Boots with American feet, I mean. We are not sure where the boots are made. Maybe in Mexico, maybe in Portugal. We receive applications. But one thing is for sure. The boots will have our feet inside,” says the protagonist of the series.

When it debuted on Netflix, “Space Force” seemed destined for success. The series is a satire on former US President Donald Trump’s investment in creating a unit in the US Army focused on space defense. The truth is that many of the critics (read NiT’s) and the fans – who were waiting for a space-set “The Office” – were disappointed with the end result, but that didn’t stop the series from passing for the second season renewed.

In its return to the streaming platform, the production demonstrates, in an almost meta-register, Space Force’s concern to justify its existence in the American government context. This provoked more positive feedback from critics, who argue that there is an approximation of The Office’s desired minimalist record.


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