New motion for a resolution: visiting family at Easter? Free press

Berlin (dpa) – Despite the high number of corona infections, strict contact rules for visiting relatives may be relaxed at Easter.

For the federal state round in the afternoon (2 p.m.), a new proposal is on the table that allows meetings with four people who go beyond their own household, plus children up to 14 years old from the closest family circle. This was sent by the Chancellery Monday morning and contains suggestions and demands from both the SPD and the union.

The newspaper, which was available from various sources for the German news agency, is from March 22 at 10:00 am. Many of the points are still in square brackets, so there should still be discussions.

This also includes the proposal to allow more contacts at Easter – although it was initially unclear who made this proposal. Unlike last year’s Easter lockdown, visits to relatives should be possible this year, the paper says. The down-to-earth behavior of citizens in Germany over Christmas has impressively demonstrated how to make family gatherings safe.

The motion for a resolution states literally: “Therefore, from April 2 to April 5, 2021 – as an exception to the otherwise applicable contact restrictions – encounters with 4 people outside their own household plus children up to 14 years of age will be closest to allowing Family circle, ie spouses , civil and cohabiting partners, as well as immediate family members, siblings, siblings and their respective household members, even if this means more than two households or 5 persons over the age of 14. “

Contrary to Sunday evening’s motion for a resolution, the new version introduces tighter contact restrictions for districts with an incidence of more than 100, in addition to a nighttime exit restriction until 5:00 am (“unless there are serious reasons”). It is unclear whether this is an additional option or an either / or formulation that the Länder could decide for themselves. The entire passage is still enclosed in square brackets.

This also applies to the proposal to close schools and day-care centers or not open them at all, provided that educators, teachers and pupils or accompanied children cannot be tested twice a week. From 200 incidents, schools and day-care centers could also be closed, although this would happen “a few days in advance”, “so that families can get used to it”.

In view of Easter, the draft also says, “The federal and state governments continue to urge all citizens to refrain from travel that is not absolutely necessary in Germany and abroad.” And further: “The emergence of several Covid-19 variants and their worldwide distribution have shown that cross-border travel should be kept to the bare minimum.”

Without mentioning the controversial Mallorca tours, the paper now says that the federal government “will quickly decide under the legal possibilities in which cases a test is required and in which cases a quarantine is required upon entry, regardless of the incidents on the island. the travel destination. “. The new addition, along with the concept of a “contactless vacation” being advanced by the SPD states in their own federal states, is also still in square brackets.

The «contactless holiday» aims at the possibility of going on holiday in holiday apartments or houses, apartments or mobile homes, as long as they have their own sanitary facilities and holidaymakers can also get food there. Within the Union it was already skeptical that the necessary accommodation ban had already caused legal problems.

A point has been added to the motion for a resolution on the situation in retirement and nursing homes. After, according to the vaccination strategy, mainly residents and employees were vaccinated, there is now “the expectation that the long tense situation will normalize”. Because it is still uncertain to what extent the vaccination will prevent people who have been vaccinated from infecting others, hygiene and testing concepts must be consistently implemented. At the same time, however, two weeks after the second vaccination, the options to visit facilities without a corona outbreak could be expanded again and general group offers could be made again, the paper continues. Both unvaccinated and new residents should receive a vaccination offer quickly.

The new design does not provide much relaxation. All that is mentioned is that in the context of temporary pilot projects in selected regions or one in each region with a low incidence, the federal states can test how individual domains of public life can be reopened under strict conditions and with a test concept.

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