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Star Wars Squadrons was released on October 2nd on PS4, Xbox One and PC and puts us in a universe where space battles determine our adventure. Developed by Motive Studios and published by Electronic Arts, the game puts the player in a galaxy that is being rebuilt and where the pilots of the New Republic are trying to bring about ultimate peace by fighting the remnants of the Empire. A title that is enjoyable in many ways, but it is held responsible for its light weight. Critics drawn from ancient history since developers put their share of fixes in with two future exclusive expansions.

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EA has announced two free updates for the end of the year. Along with a hotfix patch, the first expansion slated for November 25th will include a new Port Fostar map, which is in great demand from players who may have seen it during the main campaign. In addition, there are four new types of upgrade components for ships: an expansion kit, ion missiles, armor-piercing torpedoes and an anti-matter missile turret.

The second expansion, expected in December, adds two new ships: a B-wing bomber on the Republic side, equipped with a gyro cockpit, and an armed TIE fighter for the Galactic Empire’s stronger shields. Finally, the studio also said that this update will add the ability to create custom games that will let gamers’ imaginations run wild based on the customizations offered by the game.

Ian Frazier, Game Creative Director, is proud to deliver this ambitious new content and thanks “the support of gamers around the world without whom the developers would never have gotten far in developing the game”.

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