New leaks reveal Bethesda’s major project prior to The Elder Scrolls VI

Announced at E3 2018, Starfield took the time to easily escape in September 2020. Starfield has not been part of the latest major video game events like The Elder Scrolls VI, which is expected to be developed. Starfield will be out this year, even next year. Bethesda has not fully spoken on the matter. Even so, new leaks are coming to get us on the road.

a solar system in the future?

Starfield, a new license signed Bethesda, is presented as a science fiction game with strong realism. That premise aside, however, the game remains mysterious. Though Bethesda doesn’t communicate about it, the publisher probably doesn’t want to sell the bear’s skin before developing it, the title has leaked on the internet. Leaks affecting different aspects of the game, be it its universe or its release date. Well-informed internet users have been sharing their findings for a few days, although the title still has a nice mysterious component to it.

This image is an intriguing leak related to Starfield and is from Bethesda’s CDN (Content Delivery Network). An anonymous internet user managed to extract a mysterious image, possibly from an artbook, a document found in-game, or even a load time. In any case, after the analysis, the picture becomes much more interesting. In the upper left part there are sketches of spaceships. Different shapes, different styles, it remains to be seen how the game will finally be rendered in-game and whether players will be able to buy one, create one, and freely control one.

Another interesting area: the lower left part. It shows a space station that looks like Bespins Cloud City from Star Wars. Surrounded by ships and planets, this city is possibly Starfield’s central hub in space. Finally, go to the lower right part of the picture and the famous clock that was already there in a previous leak. Another element of the zone: the planet on his right. You’ll have to zoom in to see it, but there is a symbol underneath the planet, that of the planet Neptune. So it may well be that Starfield takes place at a later point in time than here in the solar system.

Obviously, this information should be absorbed with a grain of salt. Bethesda is sparingly distilling information on Starfield, the highly anticipated next big project. Too much communication can be the cause of a backlash. Bethesda undoubtedly wants to avoid the Cyberpunk 2077 phenomenon, which quickly became a textbook case. A wise decision for the American publisher, which now has to present its title in more detail, which some are expecting to be released this year.

A release in 2021?

Unsurprisingly, the noise in the hallway shows that Starfield’s development has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Bethesda has therefore been forced to postpone its original plans, although there are still signs that it will be released in 2021. On the microphone on the Xbox Era Podcast, Shpeshal Ed, recognized leaker, believes Starfield will be released this year. The information behind this ad? Microsoft has already bought an ad for Starfield that is slated to air later this year, likely this summer, after E3, with a possible release in November. A marketing campaign has already been launched for Microsoft that seems convinced that Starfield will actually be ready this year. Despite everything, it is entirely possible that the Covid will disrupt the American giant’s plans again.

But Shpeshal Ed isn’t the only one heading out to Starfield in 2021. The Xbox Two podcast known as Rand al Thor states that Starfield was due out last year. But the Covid-19 has arrived, delaying the publisher’s original plans. However, Starfield is reportedly in the Polish phase, where insects are also being spotted and removed en masse. Another interesting piece of information that Rand had leaked was that Starfield would be an Xbox exclusive. With Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda in March 2021, a huge question mark surrounded the platforms on which the studio’s productions would be available.

Intending to make profitable its $ 7.5 billion spent, Microsoft would start with Starfield, with Deathloop being exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console. Therefore, to fully appreciate Starfield and ultimately The Elder Scrolls VI, it is necessary to own an Xbox or PC. A logical and expected outcome that Bethesda will either confirm or reject in the months ahead. Until then, the E3 2021 conferences will surely tell us more.

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