“New in town”: NiT show on CNN Portugal breaks audience record

“New in town”: NiT show on CNN Portugal breaks audience record

The lifestyle magazine was seen by more than 81,000 viewers on Christmas Day.

Carnal was one of the featured restaurants.

NiT’s program “New in Town” on CNN Portugal, which aired on TVI24 for more than a year, broke the audience record. According to CAEM / GFK, the last episode was seen by 81,245,000 people, which corresponds to a share of 2.65 percent. It aired on Saturday morning, Christmas Day, December 25, from 11:37 a.m.

The episode was repeated in the early hours of Sunday morning and was seen by a further 16,900 people, representing a share of 1%. In addition, the NiT special report, which ran on Saturday evening at “Jornal das 8” on TVI, had an average of one million viewers, more than 20 percent of the market.

This lifestyle magazine is presented by the journalist duo Filipa Tojal and Nelma Tavares, who are accompanied in special reports by Marcos Pinto and Sara Ribeiro. Videos from each of the segments are available on the NiTtv platform and in the social networks of NiT, YouTube and Instagram.

In the new version of the format – developed for CNN Portugal – all suggestions are accompanied by a QR code so that viewers can open the relevant links directly on the NiT website. That way, they can even follow a GPS map on their cellphone that will guide them to the destination they just saw on TV.

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