New government sworn in in Haiti | free press


Ariel Henry is Haiti’s new interim head of government. Representatives of the international community support him, but opposition and activists do not think his cabinet representative is enough.

Port-au-Prince (AP) – A new government has come to power after the resignation of Haiti’s interim prime minister. New interim Prime Minister Ariel Henry and his cabinet were sworn in on Tuesday in the capital Port-au-Prince.

Former interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph remains Minister of Foreign Affairs. He announced his resignation on Tuesday. President Jovenel Moïse had named Henry the seventh prime minister of his term, less than 36 hours before he was assassinated. Since Henry was no longer sworn in for Moise’s murder, Joseph remained in office. He is now taking a step back for the good of the nation, Joseph told the Washington Post on Monday.

On Saturday, representatives of the international community stood behind Henry after Joseph’s first recognition as interim prime minister. According to a statement, the so-called core group strongly encouraged Henry to form a “consensual and inclusive” government. The core group includes the ambassadors of Germany, the US and the EU in Haiti, as well as a representative of the UN Secretary General. Several opposition politicians and activists criticized on Tuesday that civil society and the opposition were insufficiently represented in the new government.

Since Haiti no longer has a quorum since early 2020, the 71-year-old former Secretary of the Interior and neurosurgeon Henry – like Joseph before him – could not be constitutionally confirmed in office. Presidential and parliamentary elections are scheduled for September 26 for the poor Caribbean country.

Moïse, 53, was attacked in his home on the night of 7 July and shot dead by a heavily armed commando. Police say Colombian mercenaries committed the murder. A Haitian doctor living in the United States and a former official of the Haitian Justice Department are said to be behind it. Haiti police rejected a report in the Colombian media that Joseph was also being investigated.