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The Ibiza video published in May 2019 led to the overthrow of the government in Austria. Now new details are coming to light. Has the government been warned?

Vienna (dpa) – The alleged mastermind behind the Ibiza video, in his own words, informed the Austrian presidential office about the film a few days before it was published.

He wanted to warn the government, wrote an email and met an employee of Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen in a hotel, said the private investigator, who is in German custody, of the Vienna newspaper “Der Standard”. The move was a kind of “testament” and a confession.

The presidential office confirmed an email a day before the video was released on demand. It had “vague references to an upcoming publication on the topic of corruption” and was “shelved”. Nothing is known of the alleged meeting. In any case, the staff of the head of state must now be summoned to appear before the Ibiza Commission of Inquiry.

The Ibiza video published in May 2019 led to the overthrow of the government of ÖVP and FPÖ. The then FPÖ boss Heinz-Christian Strache appeared vulnerable to corruption on the secretly recorded video.

He was amazed at the effect, the inmate said. “I never assumed the video would lead to his firing. I thought it was going to be a scandal, there was going to be a U committee, but Kurz will stay with Strache because he can only make right-wing politics with him. “

The suspect told “Spiegel” and the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” that the video was an attempt to prove Strache’s corruption and disloyalty. “All in all, it ultimately cost more than 100,000 euros.” The actual plan was to generate interest through the video in the incriminating material from Strache’s former bodyguard.

He did not receive any money for the video itself. “There were offers after publication. Two or three million, if I publicly confess and accuse the SPÖ or Haselsteiner (note: a supporter of the liberal Neos). The security adviser is on extradition arrest in Germany. The Austrian judiciary is investigating him for drug trafficking and extortion.

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