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New demos against stricter corona rules in France | free press

Whether it’s a restaurant, cinema or train journey – in France there is a new and stricter proof requirement in many places. This arouses anger among many citizens.

Paris (dpa) – The dissatisfaction with stricter corona rules has driven many people onto the streets in France for the fifth weekend in a row.

Authorities expected a total of about 250,000 protesters across the country on Saturday, more than twice as many as when the protests started in mid-July. The anger of the participants is directed against the mandatory vaccination of health professionals and has recently expanded to almost all areas of public life.

For example, the French have to present a so-called health passport for going to restaurants or the cinema, long train journeys and in some places also for shopping in large shopping centers. This provides evidence of either a corona vaccination, a survived disease or a current negative test. Since corona tests, similar to those in Germany, will be charged from mid-October, critics denounce the mandatory vaccination through the back door.

The protests were initially peaceful. Television images from the Paris BFMTV station showed many national flags above the crowd, as well as the rainbow flag. In Aix-en-Provence, protesters shouted “Liberté!” (“Freedom!”) And in Lyon, a man held up a sign in front of the camera that read: “Let’s save our children from Pfizer!”

The demonstrations attract people with the most diverse attitudes, says political scientist Jean-Yves Camus of the German news agency. Among them are supporters of the far right and members of the ‘yellow vest’ movement, which was once formed over the threat of fuel price hikes. Conspiracy theorists who deny the pandemic are therefore a minority.


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