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Berlin (dpa) – Climate activist Luisa Neubauer has substantiated her allegations against ex-constitutional protection president Hans-Georg Maaßen for spreading anti-Semitic content.

She accuses the CDU Bundestag candidate of using at least one problematic term and sharing articles on a platform backed by a Holocaust denier.

“Mr. Maaßen has mainly linked himself to the platform” The Unz Review “via his Twitter account,” Neubauer told the editorial network Germany (RND). Behind the platform is a man who has been proven to deny the Holocaust. The linked article warns that the US government is reportedly planning a campaign against “domestic terrorists.” Expression is at risk, there is a police state. “A worrying scenario,” Maaßen wrote, but deleted the corresponding tweet again – but it can still be found on the Internet in archived form.

In the second part of their speech, Neubauer accuses Maaßen of repeatedly using problematic terms like “globalists” “on his Twitter profile, among others. Maaßen wrote on Twitter in mid-January:” Globalists and socialists (and parts of the churches) are over. one point of the same view: the contempt of ordinary people, their civil lives, their culture and their claim that they want to define their own lives.

Experts such as those at the Federal Agency for Civic Education see such codes as a door opener to anti-Semitic environments, in which the myth of the “Jewish world conspiracy” is openly spread. The Jena extremism expert Matthias Quent does not consider the phrase ‘globalist’ to be originally anti-Semitic, but has been used in the far-right scene for years to ‘code, ie, camouflage’ the projection of a Jewish world plot.

This form of communication works according to the ‘dog whistle’ principle, says political scientist Josef Holnburger, who deals with anti-Semitism, right-wing extremism and conspiracy stories. “Most people can’t hear it. But those using the same numbers recognize them – and see themselves empowered in their position. “

Neubauer argues: As the long-standing president of the Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution, Maassen should be familiar with such codes. To what extent Maaßen consciously or unconsciously uses the code in his formulation of the ‘globalists’ was initially not recognizable. At the request of the German news agency, he did not want to publicly comment on the use of the term.

Maassen had already rejected the allegations of anti-Semitism on Monday: “For me these are groundless and paperless allegations that I strongly reject.” Nowadays there is something to be said of everyone, said Maaßen. “It is a brutalization of political discourse that should be noted.”

Neubauer had accused the ex-constitution protection president on the ARD program “Anne Will” on Sunday evening of spreading the content of anti-Semitic blogs, but made it clear again on Wednesday: “I did not say that Mr. Maaßen himself is an anti-Semite.”

CDU boss and Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet, who was also on the panel, responded with questions about the climate activist’s statements. Neubauer had to prove that Maaßen was an anti-Semite. Neubauer was silent after that on Monday and Tuesday and only on Wednesday did she finally speak to the RND.

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