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Netizens comment on the platform’s most embarrassing sex film (15 tweets)

If you’re a fan of After or Fifty Shades of Gray productions, you might have heard about the latest movie available on the Netflix platform that combines romance and sex. This movie is called Through my Window and many netizens found it really embarrassing. The acting, the script, the very large number of sex scenes, the dialogues or even the fact that certain sex scenes contain elements that are sometimes frowned upon are questioned. We’re returning to what netizens are already calling “the most embarrassing sex movie on the platform.”


Through my window it’s too embarrassing, I’m dead

February 6, 2022


I’m sorry, but am I the only one who finds the Through My Window movie super annoying?

February 5, 2022


10 minutes I started through my window and I’m already shaking with embarrassment

February 4, 2022


“Through My Window” is a shame mdddddddrr only the acting makes me cry with embarrassment

February 4, 2022


uh it’s worse than zero it’s CRINGE and PROBLEMATIC as possible never watch “Through my window” on netflix you’ll shiver with disgust https://t.co/AikXq1BVK3

February 5, 2022


The film through my window made me cringe in disgust, it was so crumbly it was too direct that I blushed with embarrassment

February 8, 2022


I’m trying to watch the Netflix movie through my window but I get chills of discomfort every minute, it’s a nightmare

February 5, 2022


I’m watching the film “through my window”, waiting to be told it’s a hoax…a shiver of embarrassment

February 6, 2022


Can someone explain the through my window thing to me, why is it as awful as acting?

February 4, 2022

In addition, the sex scene in which Ares touches Raquel (who does not utter a cry of joy) intimately while Apolo (Are’s little brother) lies in bed next to the couple is particularly disturbing to netizens, as evidenced by these few tweets:


The movie through my window is really scary, the scene in bed with little brother where are we?

February 5, 2022


Uhhhh through my window. The scene where the three of them are in bed is super awkward! How can you do that when your little brother isn’t next door?

February 5, 2022


The Spaniards freak out sometimes… honestly here are the embarrassing scenes, the other one who touched him next to his brother… no but honestly .. #atravezdemiventana #Netflix through my window is absolutely embarrassing

February 4, 2022


How he fiddles with it, sticks to his little brother. #Through my window

February 6, 2022


How come they mess around with each other while the brother sleeps in the same bed with them…it’s weeeeeiiirddddd!!! Too erkkkk too chelouuu #ATravesDeMiVentanaNetflix #Atraversmafenetre

February 7, 2022


I liked it but the fumbling scene next to the little brother was too much #Atraversmafenetre

February 7, 2022

And for your part, would you have said that Through my window was the most embarrassing sex film on the platform? We’ll let you answer this question through our platform and through our comments section! And speaking of pretty hot shows that are controversial, you know that the sequel to 365 Dni is planned and it will also be controversial.


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