Netherlands: Riots during protests against Corona measures | Free press

To halt the rapid spread of virus mutations, the Netherlands has instituted a curfew. The new anti-corona measure is not to everyone’s taste – violent clashes with the police have occurred in some cities.

Amsterdam (dpa) – The tightened corona measures with a curfew have led to protests and riots in the Netherlands.

In Amsterdam and Eindhoven, the police put an end to a previously prohibited demonstration with water cannons on Sunday. Hundreds of protesters in both cities protested the corona measures and attacked the police with fireworks and stones. In Eindhoven, the police also used tear gas.

In the capital, despite a ban, hundreds of protesters had gathered on the museum square in the center. Police also used horses, dogs and batons against the protesters. Hundreds of people demonstrated despite the ban in Eindhoven in the east and used violence against the police. According to the police, more than 30 people have been arrested.

The night before, there had been riots in the town of Urk north of Amsterdam, when dozens of people protested against the curfew. They threw rocks and fireworks at police officers and destroyed police cars, police said. According to police, young people have set fire to a health service corona testing center. They also attacked a camera crew of the NOS with pepper spray. Two people were arrested and dozens of fines were imposed.

Across the country, police said they imposed more than 3,600 fines and arrested 25 people on the first night of curfew. There were also clashes with police in Stein in the south of the country when officers tried to end an illegal party with about 100 visitors.

On Saturday evening, a curfew was set for the first time since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. Citizens must stay at home from 9:00 PM to 4:30 AM. Violations are punishable by fines of 95 euros each.

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