Netflix’s new film is French and speaks of sexual violence

“The Watchtower”: Netflix’s new film is about sexual violence

It will open on the streaming platform this Friday March 5th. It was highlighted for its realism.

Action is about injury

The Watchtower movie premieres on Netflix this Friday, March 5th and couldn’t bring up a more topical topic. At a time when society is increasingly talking about sexual crimes, it is precisely this type of violence or aggression that the story is about.

“He’ll pay for what he did” is the phrase that could well sum up the film and that you can hear in the featured trailer. Directed by Julien Leclercq, this French production shows the reality of Klara played by Olga Kurylenko. This 33-year-old military woman was transferred to Nice to join Operation Sentinelle after experiencing the full drama of the war in Syria.

This return to France allows him to reunite with his mother and sister and try to regain the life he left behind in the war. Still, not everything is easy for this soldier.

It all starts with focusing on Klara’s post-traumatic stress until her sister Tania – whose character is played by Marilyn Lima – appears almost dead one night after leaving a disco.

When she realizes that what brought her into this state was an injury, Clare decides to look for the person who is responsible for such actions, using all of her knowledge and military training.

All this thirst for revenge leads the young woman to Yvan Kadnikov, represented by Andrey Gorlenko. Yvan, the son of a powerful Russian oligarch from the French Riviera, is dangerous, of course, but nothing can stop Klara from trying to defend his sister.

Although there isn’t too much dialogue for Olga Kurylenko, his performance has received critical acclaim for how he managed to get the message and emotion across through the eyes or gestures.

On the flip side, this story, while not heralded as being based on real facts, could very well be as it depicts a reality that is still happening today and that has been talked about as much as sexual abuse and rape, which have been increasing in number .

In addition to Julien Leclercq, the screenplay for the film was written by Matthieu Serveau. The rest of the cast also includes names such as Michel Nabokoff, Carole Weyers, Michel Biel, Martin Swabey, Blaise Afonso, Guillaume Duhesme or Gabriel Almaer.

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