Netflix’s most entertaining series reveals the secrets of epic Christmas movies


Netflix’s most entertaining series reveals the secrets of epic Christmas movies

After the toys and blockbusters, the chapter “The Christmas films of our childhood” appeared.

Nobody can resist Christmas movies

It’s one of the most entertaining series on Netflix. The first chapter, “Our Childhood Toys,” tells the story of how cartoons became epic toys – or vice versa. It was the same with Transformers, GI Joe and LEGO.

Then came the second chapter: “The films of our childhood”. Here we got to know the backstage of the novel “Dirty Dancing”, Bruce Willis’ adventures in “Die Hard” and other unknown stories from the super blockbusters of cinema in the 80s and 90s – as NiT already explained in an article.

Now the part of “The Christmas Movies of Our Childhood” has arrived, which reveals the funniest episodes of box office hits in the cinema at this time of the year, following the same logic as its predecessors. The first two episodes are already available on the platform and talk about the films “Elf – The False Duende” and “The Strange World of Jack”.

Each episode lasts approximately 45 minutes and takes us from the first sketches of the scriptwriters’ ideas to the final product, which can be seen on big screens around the world. In the case of “Elf,” we learn that some of David Berenbaum’s inspiration came from shows in the 1960s, that the wardrobe nearly caused problems for Jon Favreau with the judiciary, or that the cast might have stars like Chris Farley. Gary Shandling and Katie Holmes to replace Will Ferrell, James Caan and Zooey Deschanel.

In turn, “The Strange World of Jack”, which was produced in 1993, contains strange details about the technology of the time, such as the fact that it took 100,000 stop-motion frames to compose the film. In addition, the idea for this film has accompanied Tim Burton since the 1980s when he was doing animation for Disney. We also learned that although Michael McDowell was originally assigned to write part of the script, due to his rework, he was relinquishing his place to Caroline Thompson.