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Netflix will shoot a major production in downtown Lisbon

Netflix will shoot a major production in downtown Lisbon

It includes guns, collisions and car and motorcycle chases. The local council says they don’t respect the residents.

This July, Netflix will film a major production in downtown Lisbon. Who says that it is the Municipal Council of Santa Maria Maior that this Monday, February 21st, issued a warning regarding the conditions in which the project is being carried out, affecting the “right to rest” of residents could. The project, which is likely to be a feature film, is set to be produced (and possibly starred) by a renowned Israeli actress, NiT has learned. There will be a great action sequence on Terreiro do Paço.

According to the board, the “long and noisy shooting for eight nights entails the right to rest in Santa Maria Maior”. “The Executive of the Municipal Council of Santa Maria Maior expresses its concern and opposition to the possibility of an abusive occupation of public space envisaged in a night-time filming plan proposed by producer Ready to Shoot in a production for Netflix due to the negative has been submitted have implications that this filming – eight consecutive nights and two days – will affect the quality of life, the right to rest and rest and the right to mobility of residents of the covered areas,” read a released statement.

He adds: “This shooting, scheduled for the month of July, between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. the following day, during the eight consecutive nights mentioned above, with fire effects, gunfire, car collisions, car and motorcycle chases, car chases with motorcycles, the stairs and steps in the neighborhoods and other various special effects in Baixa, Chiado and Mouraria, will cause great anger among the local population, especially families with children and the elderly.” .

The council also says that “residents’ recreation rights, as well as traffic, access and parking rights are at risk as a result of the massive occupation that the filming will entail”.

The Santa Maria Maior Municipal Council believes that it does not have the power within its statutory powers to prevent this planned filming. “This is an exclusive competence of the Lisbon City Council – and regrets that the Mayor of Lisbon, Ing. Carlos Moedas, has already expressed his enthusiasm for its realization without first knowing the opinion or opinion of the Municipal Council. The Parish Council of Santa Maria Maior stands ready to find a reasonable solution, but not to adopt an attitude of submission to anything proposed by the various ‘cultural empires of fashion’.”

In the past, Netflix came to Portugal to record clips from the final season of La Casa de Papel. Filmed entirely in the country, the Portuguese series Glória was the first national original production on the streaming platform.

ANNOUNCEMENT Long and noisy recordings for eight nights imply the right to rest in Santa Maria MaiorO…

Posted by Santa Maria Maior Municipal Council on Monday February 21, 2022


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