Netflix will have a number of “Pokémon” (with actors of flesh and blood)


Netflix will have a series of “Pokémon” with real actors

The executive producer of “Lucifer” will play the same role in the new expansion of this universe.

He made Pikachu known to the world.

It appeared in 1995 and has been a worldwide phenomenon ever since. We are of course talking about “Pokémon”, a world created by Satoshi Tajiri that is inhabited not only by humans, but also by these creatures with special abilities. In this universe, humans (or trainers) catch and train their Pokémon and then fight each other. Now the successful saga is being expanded on Netflix with a new live image series.

The information was provided by the magazine “Variety”, which already reveals some information about the project: Joe Henderson, the executive producer of “Lucifer”, is the scriptwriter and producer of this new expansion of the world of “Pokémon”.

Pokémon already has several pieces of content on the streaming platform, including three films (one of which is a Netflix original) and three series, including Pokémon: Indigo League, the first television project in the universe that started in 2000.

The real image format will not debut for “Pokémon”, which already has a movie on this record – “Detective Pikachu”. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith, the film grossed over 363 million euros worldwide at its premiere in 2019.

The saga is also a hit in the video game space and is considered the most successful console adaptation of all time with dozens of games available. For example, this year it has already released a new game for the Nintendo Switch and will release two more for the same console.