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Netflix wants to compete with this new superhero series The Boys

What a competitive world that superheroes are! When they’re not the ones fighting each other, it’s the studios trying to move forward. But outside of the genre giants represented by Marvel and – to a lesser extent – DC, other unique propositions manage to stand out. This could well apply to the new Netflix series that will be released in early March.

Renewal of the superhero genre in 2022

Since the 2000s with sagas like X-Men or Spider-Man, superhero movies seem to have become safe bets. With Marvel’s rise and its then clear dominance now overtaking the competition, this film genre was more popular than ever. However, it remains difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition unless you work alongside major studios such as those of Kevin Feige or DC.

The theme, the tone and the visual style are therefore part of the ways to distance themselves from more conventional works, and in particular the animated series of superheroes are always evolving. Marvel and Disney, for example, have What If…? dreamed up, while Prime Video recently released a first trailer for its The Boys animated spin-off series, titled The Boys: Diabolical.

For his part, the American-Indian director, producer and screenwriter Adi Shankar, best known for his work on the adaptation of Castlevania for Netflix, has been working meticulously on a miniseries project that will be broadcast on the platform from March 1st. . Entitled The Guardians of Justice, it consists of 7 episodes of around twenty minutes each and aims to be a real satire on superheroes.

Superheroes, satire and plasticine

Less than two weeks after its release on Netflix, The Guardians of Justice is particularly discreet. The mini-series was unveiled just a few days ago with a first short-minute trailer. Even its director was particularly mysterious, simply insisting it would be a satire on superheroes and the formats they’re typically found in, while emphasizing that “Seeing gives the illusion of being.” [s]on brain”. For something more concrete, go to the synopsis of the miniseries that allows us to follow a gang of disoriented superheroes after the disappearance of Marvelous Man, an extraterrestrial superhero who has been protecting the earth for 40 years without the help of their As a role model, Knight Hawk, The Speed ​​​​and Co. must save the planet from a nuclear war.

But as you can easily see in the trailer above, what really stands out is Adi Shankar’s visual style of the series. In fact, it will mix live action and animation. Nothing really new so far. But that was without counting on the animation, which itself is divided into several styles. Concretely, it is paper animations, in modeling clay, in clay or even in pixel art that you will find in the seven episodes. In total, no fewer than eight 2D animation styles were used.

To find out more about what The Guardians of Justice will have to offer, head over to Netflix starting March 1, 2022.


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