Netflix makes a gross mistake in a video game scene

The weeks go by in a context linked to the coronavirus and cinemas, and theaters struggle to see the end of the tunnel in view of its reopening. However, entertainment finds its place thanks to platforms like Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime, to name a few. The Lupine series shows the French actor Omar Sy in the role of a burglar who wants to avenge his father’s injustice by taking inspiration from his hero Arsène Lupine. Unless the series is badly talked about, best watchers have noted some inconsistency regarding a scene that … the video game highlights.

Lupine, the last representative of the genre

The five episodes that make up the first part of the Lupine series, which were released on Netflix on January 8, have been the subject of much discussion. The keenest observers have noticed some inconsistency. In the middle of the episode, Assane Diop (Omar Sy) shares a personal moment with his son. The two have a discussion with their Playstation 4 controller switched on to avoid the recording error. A moment of sharing that made sense until the TV screen shows the hunter Aloy, heroine of the Horizon Zero Dawn license, playable … all alone.

Split between humor and frustration, the players commented on the Reddit account, which is dedicated to the license published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The observation can be summed up very simply: if this type of inconsistency makes people flinch, at least we can see that Omar Sy is not manipulating all of his buttons in an attempt to bring his game to life.

A clumsy presentation that is not the only one of its kind

The video game is not appearing for the first time in the world of 7th art. As Konbini presents, many series or films have tried their hand at the task and many (also) of them have missed it. Do you remember the famous Malcolm series. In one of the episodes the brothers play Game Boy Color, but the Game Boy Color does not contain a cassette and the black screen seems to be the reason for the characters’ sudden addiction.

Another example, still a virgin 40 years from now? David and Cal (Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen) discuss each other’s alleged homosexuality while playing Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, released on Playstation 2 and Xbox in 2005. Only when we take a closer look do the two actors play with … a Nintendo 64 controller and some kind of remote control.

This is a real problem with both the display of video games and the ability of the cinema to adapt this type of practice to its audience. Should we see this as a subliminal message from cinema in general, which fears the rise of video games in recent years as an alternative to cinema? However, the future of the 7th Art seems to be turning to this universe once we know that films like Uncharted as well as series like The Last of Us or possibly God of War are in production.

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