Netflix launches new option that amazes its subscribers

Today we learn that Netflix, the leading provider of streaming services, is testing a new option that has made many internet users questionable.

A useless option?

With Netflix facing increasingly aggressive competition, the SVOD leader must learn to renew himself if he is to keep his title. After Netflix offered a simultaneous viewing service, which was then mimicked by Disney +, it announced the launch of a new option on Twitter:

Since today we are testing a new direct function with some of you only via the web browser. You can watch defined programs at any time of the day.

You don’t have to decide, just let yourself be carried away!

5th November 2020

You will understand, Netflix offers a service that mimics traditional television channels. This “direct” function has been tested by some users and enables the web browser to view programs predefined by the SVOD. To access it, it’s really easy, just click the Direct Tab in the top right corner.

However, this option has raised some questions from some users who didn’t hesitate to share their amazement with Netflix. Indeed, we can see a pretty funny development in this announcement when we consider that SVODs offer all the legitimacy that they offer an alternative to the traditional modes of watching movies and series: TV channel and DVD / Blu-Ray.

You could even broadcast multiple programs at the same time and we could switch from one to the other with an object called a “remote control”.

5th November 2020

Netflix invents television.

5th November 2020

And Netflix invented television.
Holy door open to streams and live events. ud83d udc40

5th November 2020

According to Netflix’s confidence in our colleagues at Frandroid, this new SVOD option is explained by a desire to conform as closely as possible to users’ consumption patterns. The French would appreciate a schedule with pre-defined programs. In addition, the “Direct” would help those who are indecisive about the choice of a program because of the extensive Netflix catalog.

It is this last factor that enables one to understand the enormous strategic contribution of the “direct” option. Make sure the usual undecided stay on the platform instead of connecting with the competition. With both options (SVOD and TV), Netflix really hits a big blow. And it’s entirely possible that other SVODs (Disney +, Prime Video, HBO Max) are imitating Netflix.

A dangerous model for OCS and Canal?

Additionally, it would be wrong to take into account that Netflix is ​​related to this option. OCS, the streaming service from Orange and Canal + have been using this strategy for years. Salto, the 100% French SVOD, born from the collaboration of the TF1, France Télévision and M6 groups, also plays this card. Was Netflix inspired by the success of Canal + and OCS ‘economic model for this direct option? Possible. We wonder, however, whether this “mimicking” the French model will have any impact on our local SVODs and American SVODs.

Because if the French SVODs are resisting at the local level by trying to put certain English language programs to the test (Game of Thrones and Westworld for OCS, Vikings and Killing Eve for Canal, Fargo for Salto), we really couldn’t speak of competition between them and the big American SVODs because of very different organizational systems. If the American SVODs imitate and perfect the French SVOD model, one can imagine grave consequences for OCS and Canal. Especially since Netflix has a relatively low price, where the hexagonal SVODs just mentioned have a much higher price because they work as bouquets (OCS costs between 9.99 and 11.99 euros, while Canal offers much more expensive subscriptions, between 20 and 35 Euro).

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