Netflix just released the list of all of its movies through 2022


That’s it, the holidays are over and it’s almost time for school and everyday life again. If the routine scares you, you can reach out to Netflix, which has just released the release schedule that the platform is preparing for you by the end of the year. And you can benefit from it, because by 2022 no fewer than 40 films will end up in the catalog.

The end of the year that will delight all moviegoers

After Netflix proposed the latest Zack Snyder, Army of the Dead, it is preparing to offer a program that will delight all movie fans. The American streaming giant just released the full list of movies for you to discover or rediscover by the end of the year.

There is something for everyone on the program: remakes, documentaries, horror films, Christmas films and not to forget productions for children.

So from September you can enjoy the following list of movies:

Party nightlife: September 2 Value: September 3 Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali: September 9 Kate: September 10 Night Books: September 15 Schumacher: September 15 Intrusion: September 22 The Starling: September 24 My Little Pony: One New Generation: September 24th Sounds like love: September 29thNo One comes out alive: September 29th

The following month, October says Halloween, you can enjoy The Guilty, the intense remake headlined by Jake Gyllenhaal:

Diana: The Musical: October 1, There’s Someone Inside Your House: October 6, Found: October 20, Night Teeth: October 20, Stuck Together: October 20, Army of Thieves: October 29

For November:

The harder they fall: November 3rd Love Hard: November 5th Pass by: November 12th Red Notice: November 12thTick, tick … Boom! : November 19th Bruised: November 24th Robin Robin: November 24th 14 Summit: Nothing is impossible: November 29th

Finally towards December and the end of the year and here is the program that you can watch until the end of this year 2021, in particular with the production of Adma McKay, Don’t Look Me Up, which brings together Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Chris Evans and Jonah Hill.

The Power of the Dog: December 1st Shaun the Sheep: The Escape from Christmas: December 3rd The Unforgivable: December 10th The Hand of God: December 15th Do not look up: December 24th

The prodigal daughter: December 31st

Finally, Netflix has also announced further upcoming productions until the end of 2021 without giving the release date. So by 2022 we will be able to determine:

HypnoticFeverish Dream7 PrisonersA Boy Called ChristmasA Castle For ChristmasThe Princess Switch 3Back to the OutbackMixtapeSingle all the way

This is a great program to end the year with a highlight for all moviegoers! And for series fans, don’t hesitate to come here to find out what Netflix has in store for you!