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Netflix is ​​preparing a series in which Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and the makers of Stranger Things come together

Today we learn that Steven Spielberg, Stephen King and the Duffer brothers (Stranger Things) are preparing a particularly ambitious project for Netflix. We tell you everything!

A summit meeting

While Disney +, HBO Max, and Prime Video battle it out to lead streaming platforms, Netflix is ​​working on a terribly ambitious project that should allow it to keep it on at least for a while. When Netflix’s competitors take advantage of major licenses (Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings) to pull the nostalgic string of serivores and moviegoers, this new project carries the torch of the 80s, including the huge popularity that exploded with the arrival of the Stranger Things series in 2016, created by the Duffer brothers.

In fact, The Hollywood Reporter just announced that Netflix is ​​working on a series project that will bring the Duffer brothers, legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg (ET, Teeth of the Sea, Jurassic Park) and cult writer Stephen King (It) together, Carrie , The Outsider). A summit meeting where the director, who shaped almost 50 years of Hollywood blockbusters, the absolute master of the horror novel and the specialists of the tribute of the eighties came together.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this series project focuses on the adaptation of the 1984 novel The Talisman of the Territories (or The Talisman, depending on the translation) by Stephen King and Peter Straub. The novel tells us the story of Jack Sawyer, a 12-year-old boy living alone in New Hampshire with his seriously ill mother Lily, a former Queen of Series B. Determined to save her from certain death, the young man becomes travel to another world parallel to ours to find a talisman that will enable him to save his mother.

It’s been a few years since Steven Spielberg expressed his desire to bring this adventure novel to the big screen and keep an eye on fantasy. We agree that this project suits him especially: Often viewed as a childhood director, director of ET, Hook or Revenge of Captain Hook, and Ready Player. You have to have found all the topics in this novel that are close to your heart.

Especially since Steven Spielberg has never hidden his affection for the work of Stephen King, which inspired his mentor Stanley Kubrick. We obviously remember that eye-catching scene from Ready Player One, in which the director of the film version of Shining paid a lively homage.

If the filmmaker has always confided in wanting to make the adaptation The Talisman, for the time being he will only be recognized as the producer of the series alongside the Duffer brothers. Stephen King will work closely with production. The series has since been entrusted to Curtis Gwinn, a relative of the Duffer brothers who will wear the showrunner hat.

No release date has currently been brought forward. We know Steven Spielberg is very busy right now as he’s working on other series projects including Masters of the Air, the sequel to Band of Brothers and The Pacific for AppleTV +, as well as a series that Rashomon is adapting from Akira Kurosawa for HBO. We will of course keep you informed of the progress of these projects.


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