Netflix is ​​innovating with this new project that the geeks are going to love


After trying to break into the video game realm, Netflix hits a new blow that may hurt its competitors but should wow its most loyal fans.

Netflix and video games

Despite a 24% jump in sales with capital of $ 7 billion and a 14% increase in subscribers worldwide to $ 208 million, the Netflix ogre is not satisfied and is always looking for a way to achieve new goals. That of players, for example.

Two days ago, the platform’s founder and co-CEO, Reed Hastings, stated that the platform would soon invest in video games in an interview following the conference call on the company’s latest results.

More specifically in the direction of the interactive video game, since Netflix has this field there with the episode Black Mirror: Bandersnatch a few years ago and “Sauve qui can: A film” You vs. Wild “since February. The platform also has its series Stranger Things or La Casa de Papel licensed to video game developers and announced it is recruiting executive to expand into 10th arts.

The geek corner

However, it’s more specific information that has just been made official: Netflix has just announced the launch of Geeked Week, a kind of virtual comic con or Nintendo Direct of the series that spans five days. The event is free and offers new trailers, features, artwork and other exclusive content. Information intended to inspire the platform’s geek community.

The $ 7 billion Los Gatos, Calif. Company told Collider:

Over the years, Netflix has had an opportunity to inspire its subscribers with shows and films like Stranger Things, Castlevania, The Old Guard, and many more. However, our fan base isn’t just about creating GIFs, buying products, or theorizing about upcoming major productions. It’s about sharing the excitement and connecting with people around the world who have the same passion for these characters and stories. Netflix Geeked, the home of Netflix for all genre entertainment programming, aims to celebrate and bring these communities together. That’s why we’re starting Geeked Week.

Geeked Week runs June 7-11 and will feature headliners like Lucifer, The Witcher, and the highly anticipated cowboy Bebop. We know that Netflix’s catalog of original programming has grown significantly over the past few years, with some productions even winning Oscars (If Something Happens, My Octopus Teacher, Mank) last April, as well as 21 Emmys last year. In addition, Netflix has entered into important partnerships with NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia and Sony Pictures, making it the exclusive broadcaster for the Japanese company’s feature films.

With this Geeked Week, Netflix hopes to deal a blow, especially in the world of fantasy and science fiction, whose community on the platform seems to be growing significantly.