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Netflix is ​​finally offering this feature requested by all of its subscribers

Whether we support streaming or not, Netflix has many qualities. In addition to its many possibilities to refine your experience, the SVOD platform can above all boast a very diverse and extensive catalog. However, that doesn’t prevent bugs that teams sometimes take time to fix. But one of those minor issues is finally settled, with the addition of a much-requested feature.

Netflix, a popular but imperfect service

With streaming taking an increasingly important place in our everyday lives (music, podcasts, series, films, etc.), cinema has the great advantage of allowing viewers to live a much more immersive experience on the big screen. But you still have to admit that it’s also nice to stay under your covers without having to leave your home to watch content that you can choose at the last moment and from a wide range.

So it’s logical that SVOD platforms like Netflix are a hit. The latter remains the undisputed market leader, despite a slight drop in speed recently. As subscription prices have increased over the past year, it is normal for users of the platform to become more and more demanding. Still, Netflix has long maintained a particularly frustrating bug. At least until recently.

Clean up your Netflix account

We all know that when we open our Netflix account to watch content that we haven’t chosen yet, we can expect to spend long minutes searching for one that interests us. Luckily, the platform doesn’t let you down and tries to direct you to its main page, offering you categories like “Most hits on Netflix”, “Trends of the moment” or even “Top 10 in France today”. ‘today’. So what could be more frustrating than seeing a list of content you started a long time ago and then got stuck in the middle?

While this list of movies/series/documentaries entitled “With the account of *insert first name*” (or “continue reading”) can be useful, it’s often more intrusive than anything else. The reason for this is simple: until a few days ago, it was simply impossible to remove anything from this list. But just a few days ago, Netflix quietly announced the implementation of a feature that doesn’t seem like much, but will still do a lot of good for crowded accounts.

It is now possible to delete content that you have never finished watching by simply clicking on a cross that appears to the right of the “Like” and “Dislike” buttons. Everything works both in the browser and in the mobile application, but also on TVs. The procedure for the latter is slightly different, as the information page linked to the film or series in question requires selecting the option “Delete from reading continuation”.

Thanks Netflix, it was about time.


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