Netflix is ​​about to say goodbye to one of its best shows …


After the series Altered Carbon, Dark Crystal and Away were canceled, it is another Netflix series that is due to end early.

Very sad news …

Unfortunately, while Netflix has a well-stocked catalog, its original series are pretty inconsistent. We’ve also shared with you our must-see picks of the Netflix series as well as our seven most iconic series that you should watch urgently. Netflix series generally enjoy enviable popularity (Stranger Things and The Witcher are popular and critical hits), but few agree. Let us cite Godless, The Haunting of Hill House, or Mindhunter as examples.

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Mindhunter, the series co-produced and co-directed by the great David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club, The Social Network), is expected to be released soon. Last January you were warned that we were gradually heading towards a cancellation of the series, which is confirmed by some recent statements from David Fincher …

Director David Fincher has spoken about the future of Mindhunter in the columns to promote his new movie Mank (his first feature film since Gone Girl in 2014), which will be released exclusively on Netflix in December 2020 by Geier.

It was an expensive show, given the number of viewers who followed him. We said to each other that we would end Mank and that we would see it. But honestly, I don’t think we can do a season with less money than Season 2.

You will understand that according to the director / producer, the Mindhunter series is too expensive and does not get enough attention from Netflix subscribers.

As of now, Netflix has not yet announced the cancellation of the series, but it seems to be getting more and more unstoppable … Back in January 2020, David Fincher admitted that he didn’t have time to devote himself to the series Mindhunter is busy making the second season of the to develop an excellent animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots for Netflix. Additionally, the series is unlikely to restart for a third season in a few years. Especially because the actors currently under contract for Mindhunter are likely to be looking for other projects, which would lead to scheduling issues. Suffice it to say, to be convinced, to recall the example of the BBC Sherlock and Taboo series struggling to restart.

However, we understand that Netflix is ​​slow to announce the cancellation … while it was much less successful than Stranger Things or La Casa de Papel, the Mindhunter series could nonetheless serve as a showcase for the platform by attracting a more cinephile and sophisticated public . Mindhunter enjoyed the great popularity of David Fincher and had deeply shaped the thoughts of the audience through both his neat and precise staging and his impressive dialogues. In many ways, Mindhunter came close to Jonathan Demme’s Silence of the Lambs.