Netflix ended the free 30 days


It really happened: Netflix ended the 30 days for free

The streaming platform no longer offers a test phase to gain new subscribers.

Netflix is ​​one of the most widely used streaming platforms, and its success has also grown over the past year when we were no longer able to make so many plans outside of home. If it was previously possible to use an account for free for 30 days, this option will no longer be available.

Since October 2020 this was an announced measure, as explained by “EchoBoomer”. It gradually arrived in different countries and is already being implemented in Portugal.

This is to combat fraud or some users’ tricks – to create a new account every month with a different email address and credit card so as not to pay. Thus, regardless of the plan you choose and if there is no mandatory loyalty, all subscriptions will be paid out from the first moment.

“Netflix does not offer free usage, but you can change or cancel your online plan at any time if you no longer want to enjoy Netflix. We have no contracts, cancellation or loyalty costs, ”he explains on his side.

There are still rumors of a possible increase in the cost of use in our country.