Netflix argues that “The Crown” is not fiction


Netflix argues that “The Crown” is not fiction

The streaming service’s position is based on the UK Minister of Culture’s request that the series fall into this category.

It is one of the streaming service’s most popular productions.

This Monday, December 7th, Netflix said it had no intention of moving The Crown into the fiction category. In this way, the famous series about the British royal family with the genre of drama continues on the platform.

The streaming platform’s response comes just days after the UK’s culture minister asked the service to explain to subscribers that the consequences are pure fiction.

“It’s a wonderful fiction, but like with other television productions, Netflix should be clear from the start that it is exactly that and nothing else,” Oliver Dowden told Deadline magazine.

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer said in a recent interview with “ITV” that the series should have such a warning stating that it is inspired by real events – but that it is a fiction. “Because then everyone would understand [a série] It’s a drama. “

Each season of “The Crown” spanned several years and relevant events in the history of the United Kingdom during the reign of Isabel II, as well as relationships between members of the monarchy and various governments.

The creators and producers have repeated that the series is taking options for narrative reasons without the goal of being a documentary. Still, the topic of what is truth or fiction has followed the entire series, as NiT explained in an article on the subject.

This fourth season of “The Crown,” which is now premiering, focuses on the late ’70s and the’ 80s in particular. However, it is already known that the Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki will take on the role of Diana in the future, who is already adult on the fifth and sixth seasons of the series. Fans preparing because they’ll be the last of “The Crown”. Until then, you have a few more years to enjoy the intricacies and complexities of British power in this doubly real portrait.

Enjoy and click on the gallery to see some of the images featured in the ten episodes of the new season.