Netflix Announces New Reality Shows – And A New Season Of Too Hot To Handle

The streaming platform is increasingly relying on non-fiction broadcasts. These will debut in 2022.

“Too Hot to Handle” returns in 2022.

Netflix has bet on several reality shows over the past few years – programs that are not some of the content we associate most with the streaming platform, but have generated large audiences. This Tuesday, August 24th, the American company announced further news in this area.

In addition to confirming the third season of Too Hot to Handle premiering in early 2022, Netflix has announced three new UK shows that will also be released next year.

In Snowflake Mountain, a group of pampered young adults is sent into a wild survival retreat with no running water, internet or parents to help them with anything. Another new feature is “dance monsters”. In this dance competition program, participants transform themselves into dancing monsters with special effects.

Finally there is “Dated and Related”. It’s a reality show where pairs of brothers explore each other’s love life – they have the option of being the best “wingman” in the world or trying to thwart their brother’s plans, whichever they think is best .

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