Negotiations about the start of the new series of “A Guerra dos Thrones” in Portugal are ongoing


Negotiations about the start of the new series of “A Guerra dos Thrones” in Portugal are ongoing

The aim is to record scenes in Monsanto for the prequel “House of the Dragon”. NiT spoke to the President of Idanha-a-Nova.

The new series celebrates its premiere in 2022.

The possibility of recording the prequel for “A Guerra dos Thrones”, “House of the Dragon”, in Portugal is still being examined – in the village of Monsanto in the Idanha-a-Nova municipality, Castelo Branco district.

“We have made some contacts, some negotiations so that there is a chance that the prequel for ‘A Guerra dos Thrones’ will take place in Monsanto,” the Mayor of Idanha-a-Nova, Armindo Jacinto, confirmed to NiT. The contacts between the producer and the municipality took place “all year round”.

“Idanha-a-Nova is a community that has invested heavily in its natural and historical-cultural heritage. We have achieved a differentiation in our offer, we are a UNESCO territory and the creative industries are a fundamental strategy for us. Not only in terms of cultural development, but also in terms of economic development. As the creative industries are an activity of great economic importance – like the Boom Festival, which is one of the most famous in the world – but also to develop tourist activities to complement the direct activity of the creative industries, ”added the mayor.

“The opportunity to have a production company like Monsanto that uses our heritage to direct the prequel to ‘A Guerra dos Thrones’ is an excellent opportunity for us. Not only to make the territory known, but in terms of profitability, the production itself brings us a very significant profitability that includes all actors. These are two very important aspects. We are of course very interested, let’s see whether we can come to a successful conclusion with these contacts and these negotiations. “

Armindo Jacinto refuses to set dates for a possible settlement. “For us it would be tomorrow if it could be tomorrow. But let’s give it time. Production has its requirements and we evaluate these requirements in order to then achieve a successful port as we wish. “

The mayor says he is a fan of the original series from “The Game of Thrones” and other productions “with a significant historical component”. “I would like to see the kites in Monsanto that fly all over the region. Let’s see if we can do it. “

In July it was announced that this possibility would be examined. The previous month there was a technical visit from the local department, the producers and one of the directors of the series. The international team will have stayed at the Hotel Fonte Santa in Termas de Monfortinho, and Monsanto Castle was one of the biggest attractions to do this medieval-inspired fantasy production there. Contacted by NiT, HBO Portugal did not comment on the possibility of recording in the country.

Monsanto Castle is one of the main attractions.

The prequel to “The War of the Thrones”

The already started recordings for “House of the Dragon” should begin in October in Spain. The story is based on the book “Fire & Blood” by author George RR Martin and revolves around the Targaryen family, 300 years before the events we all saw in the original series. The new series will have ten episodes and will debut on HBO in 2022. Some actor names (and footage from the pilot episode) have already been released.

In this new story, the characters are different, but the Targaryen family’s hunger for power remains intact. The narrative again focuses on the succession and the right to take control of the Iron Throne.

Under the command of the Targaryens, at a time when dragons ruled everything and everyone, commanded by their platinum-haired masters, Westeros prepares for a new battle. The civil war that followed was called “Dance of the Dragons”. The clash brought two heir to the throne, Rhaenyra and her half-brother Aegon II, into a conflict that defined much about the future of the then most feared and powerful House of Westeros.

Since David Benioff and DB Weiss were not in the picture, an old friend from “The War of Thrones” was brought in to lead the production. Miguel Sapochnik, director of some of the show’s most famous episodes, is now one of the showrunners alongside Ryan Condal – the latter of the screenwriters who worked side by side with George RR Martin.

It also confirms that composer Ramin Djawadi, the author of the original themes that stood out during the eight seasons of “The War of Thrones,” is back for this new project.

Several European regions that received film material from “The War of Thrones” over the course of eight seasons – particularly in Spain, Croatia and Ireland – experienced an explosion in local tourism in the following years. Read the NiT article which explains what the main Monsanto attractions are that will have won over the producers of House of the Dragon.