Nearly 1,000 protesters at the Berlin wedding | Free press


The first protest march began in Berlin on May 1. Numerous other demonstrations were announced for the weekend. The police expect a “demanding situation”.

Berlin (AP) – Hundreds of people demonstrate in Berlin-Wedding against capitalism and for social change. The protest march with mainly young participants started in the evening on the Leopoldplatz.

The police accompanied the demonstration, which would lead to Gesundbrunnen S-Bahn station. Police said the number of protesters was just under 1,000. The protesters wore mouth and nose protection.

For example, “No return on rent” was sung. The banners read, “The rich must pay,” “Housing, businesses, and hospitals in our hands,” or “End homelessness.” Left and radical left groups called for the protest under the motto “From the crisis to expropriation”.

Later that evening, feminist women’s groups wanted to run through Kreuzberg with the motto “Take the night back – we take the night back”.

The police wanted to be on duty by May 1 with about 5,000 officers. Numerous demonstrations have been recorded. Police Chief Barbara Slowik expected a “demanding, demanding situation”. She announced in the RBB Inforadion that demonstrations would soon be canceled if corona rules were violated.

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