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Natasha Romanoff kicks Dominic Toretto and King Kong

In theaters since July 7th, the Natasha Romanoff-centric film has set new box office records. Black Widow is also the first Marvel Studios film to be released in theaters and also on Disney + via Premier Access. A very nice way to pay tribute to the character played by Scarlett Johansson.

profitable since the Covid-19 pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic raged, Disney launched several films that were originally intended for release in theaters on the Disney + platform. This was the case with Hamilton, Soul and Luca. The huge success of Black Widow’s solo adventure is a great indicator of the theater’s popularity after more than a year of health problems. And the good news: the enthusiasm for dark rooms is unbroken.

Black Widow lies between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War and thus signs very nice records at the box office. On Wednesday alone, the day of publication, there were 188,000 entries into France. Many records have been broken in the United States. Disney has announced $ 80 million for its first weekend for the time being, in the land of Uncle Sam alone. Fast and Furious 9 and Godzilla vs. We also need to add 78 million at the international box office, as well as 60 million raised only with “Premier Access” on the Disney + streaming platform.

Results supported by initial access

Mickey’s company recently set up this “Premier Access” platform. Not included in the monthly formula and not available in France, it allows you to optimize the box office results but also to release a film on the platform at the same time as the release date in theaters. This system was tested with Mulan but also with Raya and the last dragon. American fans had to pay a whopping $ 30 for the adventures of Natasha Romanoff.

The resounding success of Black Widow was probably also supported by the release of the Wandavision and Falcon series and the Winter Soldier while the Covid-19 was still raging. Released directly on Disney +, these television series fueled fan enthusiasm for Marvel productions for a year while theaters remained closed.

The MCU clearly isn’t finished as tradition requires, Black Widow ended up with a post-credits scene that served as a teaser for the next Hawkeye series.


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