Myanmar Junta Releases More Than 23,000 Prisoners | Free press


For the New Year celebration in Myanmar, the military junta is releasing tens of thousands of prisoners. People are still being murdered during protests against the regime.

Naypyidaw (dpa) – On the first day of traditional New Year celebrations in Myanmar, the military junta claims to have granted amnesty to more than 23,000 prisoners across the country. State broadcaster MRTV reports this, referring to the competent authority.

The first detainees were released in the morning, with more to follow later in the day. However, it was initially unclear whether these were also opponents of the February 1 military coup.

Since then, there have been daily national protests against which the junta has been brutalizing. At least 728 people have died since the coup, according to estimates by the prisoner aid organization AAPP. On Friday, more than 3,000 junta opponents were in custody.

Also on Saturday, countless people in various regions demonstrated against the military regime, including in the largest city of Yangon. Many welcomed the “government of national unity” that opponents of the junta had proclaimed the day before. These include delegates deposed by the generals, protest movement leaders and representatives of ethnic minorities. Democratic forces have been working for weeks undermining military leadership and establishing a new constitution for the former Burma.

As reported by The Irrawaddy newspaper, at least two people died in protests in the town of Mogoke north of Mandalay on Saturday morning after emergency services opened fire on civilians. Other people were hit by gunfire.

The de facto Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi, who is under house arrest, clearly won the November parliamentary elections. The military, which had acquired a position of power in parliament and several ministerial posts by the constitution, later spoke of election fraud and seized power in early February.

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