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“My Favorite Things” is Nuno Markl’s new feature on Rádio Comercial

“My Favorite Things” is Nuno Markl’s new feature on Rádio Comercial

It is dedicated to the little pleasures of everyday life and starts on February 1st. There will be two episodes a week.

Nuno Markl is the author of the rubric.

Nuno Markl had already revealed that he would soon be opening a new section on Rádio Comercial. More details are now known. It’s called “My Favorite Things” and it starts next Tuesday, February 1st.

It will be an area dedicated to the little pleasures in life. “Let’s face it: this is not one of the happiest eras in history. So maybe we need a section like that,” explains Markl on Instagram.

“It will be a notebook with stickers of micro things that bring us a real joy and joy. Whether it’s putting your feet in a freshly made bed or sending raw bottles into the glass,” adds the Portuguese broadcaster and creative.

My Favorite Things airs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:15 am. It has original music by Rita Redshoes and there is already a teaser on social media.

In another earlier post, Nuno Markl had already anticipated this project. “I’ve been saying for years that I invented everything I could have invented on the radio. I have worked in all formats: stories, chronicles, sketches, plays, music – and a few years ago I returned to “Homem Que Mordeu o Cão” because it is the only format that can surprise me every day – and when the true stories of Die Cão surprise you, I always think there is a good chance they will surprise you too.”

He later added: “I thought at the time that I was like that – that in about 30 of my 50 years of life I would have invented everything. Until a few days ago in bed at night while listening to a certain song (when I say which one, it’s a spoiler) an idea for a new radio line came to me (…) I think it’s the line we all need .. to this time. A kind of therapy in dark and uncertain times. A therapy for me too, which I will write. What I can say is that since Caderneta de Cromos was formed in 2010, I haven’t felt that carpenter’s fever of “oh hell, that can really work”. Since it has nothing to do with the “Caderneta”, it requires the same kind of interaction and exchange between us who make it and you who hear it. It will require a community.”


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