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Are you interested in tools and applications in the field of home automation? From loudspeakers to voice assistants, Hitek offers you low prices via the WLAN connection and the connected doorbell. Find out about promotions on Google Nest Mini, Google Nest Wifi, and the Google Nest Wifi Router and Access Point Pack.

Google Nest Mini: Bluetooth 5.0 compatible speaker

If you know the Home Mini, Google’s first connected speaker, you’ll be seduced by the new features of its successor, the Nest Mini. Its slim design adds charm to your home. Thanks to its wall mounting, it is welcome in any room. With its compact size, it fits easily into your home decor.

The sound quality is impressive, especially with its two more intense basses. The sound waves are clearer and more authentic. The speaker’s streaming function gives you access to the best tracks available on music distribution platforms such as Youtube, Deezer, Spotify …

The Google Assistant will help you with research and distribution. Other options such as messages, calls and alarms can be performed through this tool. Imagine the voice assistant adjusts the volume to the surroundings. Buy the Google Nest Mini for half the price. It is now being offered for 29.99 euros.

If you are convinced of the advantages of this revolutionary communication tool, the Google Assistant, take a look at the MI TV Stick from XIAOMI. Equipped with a voice remote control, it is also available at an affordable price.

3 good reasons to crack

The versatile assistant The design The sound quality

Google Nest Wifi: A router with up to 2.2 Gbps

Google Nest Wifi gives your WiFi network a boost so you can enjoy better coverage in your home. True to the format of the Google Nest range, this router takes on a sexier style. The design has everything from color to cylindrical shape. The very discreet light reflection of this device has been designed to provide users with maximum comfort.

Getting started is child’s play thanks to the functions of the Home app. You can combine a hundred devices in an area of ​​approx. 120 m². In addition to this large coverage capacity, it offers a speed of 2.2 Gbit / s, which is characterized by a certain stability. To the delight of gamers, this device has a game priority mode provided the game in question is part of the Stadia community. Google Nest Wifi is now available for € 139.99 instead of € 159.99.

Check out this LG Ultragear gaming monitor to make the most of that deeper connection.

3 good reasons to buy it

Very high throughput Hundreds of connected devices. Reliability

Google Nest Wifi Router + Access Point Pack: For a Wifi network with up to 200 connected devices

If the performance of Nest Wifi is already proven, this device will be even more effective with a Wifi point used in parallel. With this combination you can manage up to 200 devices on a single interface. The best part is that users can play multiple 4K videos at the same time on different devices without sacrificing loading speed and viewing quality. The same goes for video calls. If you have a good connection provider, there is very little risk of signal quality degradation.

In addition, the device security log is ensured through regular updates on the central Google server. Like the router, the access point is very easy to set up. You also benefit from the services of Google Assistant, which are compatible with a wide variety of home automation devices. With this special offer you get additional coverage of more or less 90 m². The Google Nest Wifi router and the access point package are available at a discount of 12% or 229.99 euros and are payable in installments.

It would be a shame not to have a better gaming experience with these Nest Wifi devices and a good computer. This Acer Predator gaming laptop is being sold at a very attractive price.

3 good reasons to give up

SpeedSecurity Additional coverage

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