Music for wearing a mask against the backdrop of Disney music becomes the 2020 anthem

Many pieces of music, remixes and parodies were created during our detention to cheer up even the most isolated of us. Helmut Fritz with “It annoys me 2020” is perhaps one of the best-known examples of this with 5.5 million views to date. Abroad, artists are not left out, as we shall see with a parody that balms the heart.

The 2020 anthem was recently released

At this special time of the pandemic when we all need to protect one another, humor is welcome. The parody of a user, a member of YouTube and named Noah Lindquist, proves that this video received almost 1 million views in just three days. We let you discover it:

Some thoughtful sentences were repeated at length in the comments. We offer you a translation: “Wear a mask, is it really too much to ask?”, “Treat it like a chore in the gym, not in the store”, “All your theories are fictional, stop the lies, stop them fighting “,” and it’s not “just the flu” so wear a mask “,” wow! your ignorance shows in the face of the death toll that keeps increasing “,” you are not suppressed “, and many other. In fact, wearing a mask is currently the only way to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 (even the visor doesn’t really protect us). However, some supporters of conspiracy theories or, quite simply, some people who do not support wearing the mask are still reluctant to wear it. As a result, within a few days of broadcast this parody is a complete hit, so the comments are full of praise for the creation of Noah Lindquist. Here is a small collection from those who praise the item:

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