Music, beer, art and tattoos: Casa Tigre has already opened in Lisbon

Music, beer, art and tattoos: Casa Tigre has already opened in Lisbon

It is a project by The Legendary Tigerman, Afonso Rodrigues and Rai that is located in Anjos. And there is an online shop.

What happens if a pandemic interrupts everything, if there cannot be concerts, if fear and problems only escalate? A space opens up with the best in life. It was more or less this argument that led three friends to open Casa Tigre in Anjos, Lisbon.

This is a project by three rock men: Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman), Afonso Rodrigues (Sean Riley & The Slowriders and Keep Razors Sharp) and Luís Raimundo (better known as Rai who is part of Poppers and Keep Razors Sharp)

Casa Tigre is a welcoming place that – in collaboration with several artists – sells exclusive pieces that sell beer (and drinks), where you can get a tattoo, listen to music or talk about motorbikes.

It was supposed to open in January, but with the new general restriction, it hasn’t really opened until the last few days. It’s at 49E Rua Maria. It is a space that combines elegance with the dirt typical of rock and roll, where careful design goes hand in hand with a smell of gasoline or beer.

The catalog, the parts of which can be ordered worldwide, is available online. There are several leather jackets that have been painted by artists – including Wasted Rita, Jehnny Beth, Marija Reikalas, Fiumani or Senhor Vulcão, which can range from € 1999 to € 499.

Rai, Afonso Rodrigues and Paulo Furtado

In addition to sweatshirts, pants, boots, cloth bags and patches, T-shirts are also sold – with a focus on the mottos or expressions “Stay Gold”, “Los Anjos” and “Tigre”. Tattoos are made in collaboration with Wild Rose Tattoo, while Tigre beers are made in collaboration with Musa. This edition will persist in space, although there may be others in the future.

The aim is to create collaborations between artists, projects or brands in order to create exclusive pieces or develop ideas that can then be put into practice here.

“The idea by the end of the year is to start new pieces and new collaborations on a regular basis, be it with other artists or with other brands with which we are related. Establishing connections and crossing paths is one of our big points, ”says Paulo Furtado.

Casa Tigre can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Click on the gallery to see more pictures of Casa Tigre.

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