Municipalities request 100,000 solar roofs for public buildings | free press


The municipalities speak of “an enormous potential that is far from exhausted”. In order to achieve the climate targets, the municipalities require 100,000 solar roofs on public buildings.

Berlin (dpa) – Municipalities are demanding an immediate program from the next federal government to install 100,000 solar roofs on public buildings to meet climate protection goals.

Five billion euros should be made available for this, said the director of the German Association of Cities and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. “This year, the climate targets in the construction and other sectors are not being met, but there is huge potential in municipal real estate that is far from exhausted.”

Administrative buildings, nurseries, sports facilities

In addition to the administration buildings, nurseries, sports facilities or the municipal housing stock can also be included. While many municipalities have already moved ahead with solar roofs, many cities and towns simply lack the money for the rapid expansion, Landsberg said. So they depend on federal funding. With the solar roofs programme, the municipalities can become a role model for private homeowners, but also for companies.

Altmaier demands quick clarification

At the end of July, Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) also spoke out in favor of more solar roofs. Much more is needed than before, although there are already high expansion targets, he told the German news agency. “Therefore, I am in favor of us making it clear very quickly with federal, state and local governments that solar systems, i.e. photovoltaic or solar thermal systems, or a combination of both, will be installed on all new public buildings. Existing buildings should be adapted as soon as possible, but no later than 2028.” The same should apply to commercial buildings and large rental complexes.

In order to achieve stricter climate targets, many politicians and associations believe that significantly more new wind turbines and solar roofs are needed. The incumbent black-and-red coalition has tightened the climate protection law, but has been unable to achieve higher renewable energy expansion targets as a result.