Mozart, Jeanne d’Arc, Leonardo da Vinci what would these 24 historical figures look like today?


Auguste, Jeanne d’Arc or even Leonardo da Vinci are personalities that existed a long time ago, and photographs did not exist yet. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what these iconic historical figures might look like. An American artist asked herself the question and even imagined what these 24 personalities would look like if they were contemporary to us.

Becca Saladin, based in Dallas, United States, is a digital artist who creates these portraits. The young woman has a passion for history and has also created a photo series called “Royalty Now”. By combining photography, editing, and digital drawing, the artist creates modern, realistic versions of characters only seen in museums and history books.

# 2 The girl with the pearl earring

# 3 Mona Lisa

# 4 Katherine Howard

# 5th of August

# 6 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

# 7 Joan of Arc

# 8 Anna von Kleve

# 9 Knight of Saint George

# 10 Thomas Jefferson

# 11 Catherine II of Russia aka the Great Catherine

# 12 Saladin

# 14 Maria, Queen of Scots

# 15 Elizabeth Woodville

# 15 Matau-Tathonca aka “brown bear”

# 16 terracotta archer

# 17 Queen Victoria

# 18 José de San Martin

# 19 Portraits of Fayum Mummies: Unknown Man

# 20 Frederick Douglass

# 21 Charlotte Bront

# 22 Jane Austen

# 23 Sejong the Great

# 24 Policarpa Salavarrieta

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