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Moscow starts large-scale corona vaccinations | Free press

Russia was the first country in the world to approve a vaccine against the coronavirus in August. Now vaccinated.

Moscow (dpa) – Moscow, the largest city in Europe, was the first metropolis in Russia to start large-scale vaccinations against the corona virus on Saturday.

In the morning, vaccinations with the vaccine “Sputnik V”, developed in Russia, began in 70 clinics in the city. That announced the executive staff of the capital. First, education and health and social services employees were vaccinated against the lung disease Covid-19. Thousands of people had made an appointment for the official start of the vaccination.

The vaccinations are free and voluntary. Initially, however, only volunteers were admitted who have a lot of professional contact with other people and therefore run a special risk of contracting the corona virus. After the first dose, a second injection is required after 21 days. Moscow registered 7,993 new infections on Saturday – more than ever in one day.

Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin had previously announced the start of mass vaccination in Russia next week. Accordingly, approximately two million vaccine doses should be administered by December. However, Russia has problems producing the vaccine in large quantities.

Russia was the first country in the world to approve a vaccine for widespread use and has already vaccinated tens of thousands of volunteers. The gigantic empire is developing further vaccines. The effectiveness of «Sputnik V» is given as 95 percent. Independent studies on the Russian vaccine are not yet known.


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