Moscow opposition forum robbery: more than 150 arrests | Free press


Police raided an event of Russian opposition activists in Moscow. Many people are arrested.

Moscow (dpa) – According to civil rights activists, more than 150 people were arrested at a rally of the Russian opposition in Moscow.

Popular politicians Vladimir Kara-Mursa, Ilya Yashin, Andrej Piwowarow and Yevgeny Roisman, among others, reported Saturday, a reporter from the German news agency reported. Journalists were also temporarily detained at the meeting place, a hotel.

Six months before the Duma elections, opposition MPs from all over Russia wanted to network with each other at the meeting entitled “Common Russia”. Strategies to break the Kremlin party’s monopoly of power, United Russia, were to be discussed over two days. In fact, the event lasted only half an hour – then suddenly security forces entered the hall and declared it over.

The police justified their actions with the activity of an “unwanted organization in Russia”. What is apparently meant is the “Open Russia” organization of the former Russian CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who lives in the West and whose coordinator is Kara-Mursa and who was declared an “undesirable organization” in Russia a few years ago.

Moments later, Kara-Mursa published a photo showing him in a police van. Government-critical politician Gennady Gudkov scolded on Twitter that police were executing “criminal orders from a mad dictator”.

The Russian opposition has repeatedly complained of serious violations by the security authorities of the right to freedom of assembly. In the past, attempts by dissidents to rally and organize have failed time and again.

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