More than ten thousand people visited the Holocaust Museum in Porto in the first month


More than ten thousand people visited the Holocaust Museum in Porto in the first month

The space opened on April 5th and mainly attracted Portuguese and Spanish people.

Porto’s Holocaust Museum announced this Thursday, May 13th that it has welcomed more than ten thousand visitors in the first 30 days since it opened. On average, around 300 people lived between Portuguese and foreigners every day.

If on the one hand most of the visitors are Portuguese and Spanish, this museum has also aroused political and diplomatic interest, so that it has already received visits from embassies of Israel, the USA, Russia, France and Sweden, among others.

“The typical visitor to the Holocaust Museum is the teenager and the common man. Due to the limited number of visitors directed by DGS, there are always long lines of people waiting for entry every day. It is interesting to note that there were taxi drivers who decided to visit the museum after bringing several interested people here, ”Jacob Levi, a member of Porto’s Jewish community, said in a statement.

Some of the aspects that are most emphasized by visitors are the simplicity of the museum, the fact that it contains enough information in a small space and is suitable for both adults and children.

The room, which opened to the public on April 5, is open Monday through Friday between 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm. Entry is free for everyone until the end of the month and after this date it remains for young people.

“As 70% of the public is made up of young people, especially teenagers who travel here in groups outside of the school context, we have decided to extend tips to children under 30 without tenure,” guarantees Gabriela Cantergi, member of the community.

If you are new to the Holocaust Museum in Porto, remember the visit NiT made before it opened. Click on the gallery to see the room.