More than 60 artists come together at an Urban Art Festival in Lisbon

More than 60 artists will take part in a mega urban art festival in Lisbon

The festival includes 25 street art interventions, three exhibitions, two installations and a workshop.

You can visit an Odeith exhibition.

From July 3rd to 11th, the fourth edition of the MURO Urban Art Festival will bring more than 60 national and foreign artists to Lisbon, individually or collectively, 25 urban art interventions in Parque das Nações, three exhibitions, two facilities and a workshop.

From the first weekend of the festival you can freely enjoy the artistic interventions. In the second, you have the option of doing this on a guided tour on foot or by bike.

The festival brings together different types of artists with different degrees of awareness. Works by emerging artists as well as well-known names in the street art community will be on display. There are also artists who are making their debut in the country for the first time: the highlight is graffiti, which is already visible throughout the Parque das Nações, on pillars of the Vasco da Gama bridge, basketball courts, building gables, pedestrian crossings and train walls.

The motto of this issue is “The wall that (re) unites us”. This year the festival offers three program centers in three areas of Parque das Nações and one meeting point: Gare do Oriente.

The nucleus of multiculturalism in Casal dos Machados connects the concepts of community, nations, cultures and equality through interventions on the gables of buildings and walls of the three winners of the festival’s Open Call Artist: Juan José Surace, MOTS and Rocket01.

The core of sustainability is located on Avenida de Padua and brings you the constant evolution of the environment and quality of life in Lisbon. Here you can see interventions by Bordallo II, Grupo Visegrado and Dupla RCLS.

The last core is that of urban culture, perhaps the most important of the festival. Located in Parque do Tejo, it brings you pieces by the renowned Odeith, Colombian Zurik, Nuno Viegas, the Thunders collective and Trafic.

During the festival you can see three exhibitions: “Obliquity” by Odeith; “Karma,” sponsored by Crack Kids; and “The Plastic Hike”. You will be at the Gare do Oriente, the starting point of the festival. The installations by Fahr021.3 and Rita Cabaço can also be seen here. Access to all of these works is free and can be viewed between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m.

The workshop “Sopa de Letras” is led by João Varela, whose aim is experimentation and contact with various common urban art techniques, such as stencils, paste-up, calligraphy with plastic paint and spray. You can take part in this activity on the two festival weekends (3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th July). The workshop is free and can accommodate six to eight people. However, you need to make a reservation. Simply send an email with name, number of people, date and time to

The full program can be found on the event website for more information later.

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