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More than 4,600 dead in the Nagorno-Karabakh war | Free press

So far censorship has been applied, now Azerbaijan has quantified for the first time its losses in the recent war with Armenia.

Baku (dpa) – In the recent war with Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region of southern Caucasus, at least 2,783 soldiers were killed on the Azerbaijani side. The government in Baku first mentioned a number of deaths on Thursday.

More than 100 soldiers are still missing, the Ministry of Defense reports. 1,245 wounded would be further treated. The country had not yet released any figures regarding current state censorship.

The war criminal Armenia had last reported dead soldiers in 1746. This has increased the total number of deaths in the war from January 27 to November 9 to more than 4,600, including civilian casualties on both sides. Azerbaijan sees itself as the winner in the 44-day conflict. The country plans to celebrate a military parade on December 10, in which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will also participate, the independent Azerbaijani news agency Turan reports.

The president’s office in Baku declared that the Second Karabakh War would go down in history as the Patriotic War, in which Karabakh was “liberated from an enemy invasion after nearly 30 years of Armenian occupation (…)”. Head of State Ilham Aliyev proclaimed November 8 “Victory Day”, which will be celebrated annually in the future. On that day, the city of Shusha, which is especially important to Azerbaijan, was recaptured. After that, Armenia practically surrendered in an agreement brokered by Russia.

Since then, there have been repeated protests against Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in the Armenian capital Yerevan. He sees himself as a “traitor” because, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Aliyev, he also promised to surrender large areas to Azerbaijan without a fight. New mass protests are planned in Yerevan on Saturday.

The two ex-Soviet republics have been fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh for decades. Now Islamic Azerbaijan has recaptured large parts of the area that was lost in the early 1990s. The country was supported by its “brother state”, Turkey. Armenia’s protective force is Russia, which has sent 2,000 peacekeepers into the region to oversee the ceasefire.


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