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More than 30% discount on the 2 connected E27 LED bulbs

Home automation has increased in recent years thanks to the introduction of connected speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Nest. SmartTVs are also connected to our assistants. Connected lightbulbs have also had great success and continue to do so today. They allow you to save energy as you can turn them off remotely if you forgot to do so in a room, but also create a more comfortable atmosphere. For this good plan we have chosen the Philips HUE pack consisting of 2 connected E27 bulbs.

Philips HUE Pack: lamps that obey the finger and the voice

Philips has developed a powerful home automation range that has become one of the most popular in this field. Still, the price of certain products can slow down more than one, so we must remain vigilant on the side of good plans.

Here’s a new promotion for the Philips HUE pack, as it costs €40.20 instead of €59.99 and includes:

2 latest generation White Ambiance E27 bulbs (9.5W power for a 75W rendering and 1100 lumens)

With these you can even adjust the temperature to the atmosphere you want to give your space. You don’t need to connect them to your home network as they also work in Bluetooth to pair with your HUE Bridge or ecosystem.

To go even further, Amazon offers a great security bundle deal with a connected speaker and a Blink outdoor camera to monitor your outside.

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