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Berlin (dpa) – Standing in line at the Corona vaccination center, being grateful for the appointment and filling out all forms conscientiously in advance – that will soon be a thing of the past.

The states are now relying on new concepts to get people vaccinated. Because daily vaccination rates are falling and experts say there are still far too few people on vaccination protection to control the pandemic.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, a minimum of 85 percent of 12- to 59-year-olds and 90 percent of seniors 60 and older should be fully vaccinated because of the more contagious delta variant of the coronavirus. According to the RKI report, 43 percent of the total population was affected on Tuesday.


Now, for example, Berlin is taking a new direction and is offering a drive-in vaccination from the weekend: everyone should be able to be vaccinated spontaneously without an appointment at an Ikea parking lot in the Lichtenberg district. In addition to a lane for motorists, a walk-in lane for pedestrians is also planned.

Bavaria also relies on drive-ins. Vaccination centers should be able to offer such counters in the future, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced on Tuesday. “Vaccination to go” is also planned without much paperwork: Vaccination stands in swimming pools, at fast food chains, associations or “at or in taverns”. Vaccination centers should also be able to offer “family Sundays” for parents and children as young as 12, “perhaps with an ice cream afterwards for the younger ones,” Söder said.


In France, vaccination registrations have skyrocketed since the government announced that health workers must be vaccinated or otherwise not be paid. The rules for access to cinemas and theaters (vaccination or test) are also being tightened in the neighboring country, which could give vaccinations a new impulse. In Greece, only vaccinated people are allowed in clubs and restaurants, and there too there is a mandatory vaccination for health and care workers.

In Germany, Baden-Württemberg’s health minister, Manne Lucha (Greens), was open to such a move. “A job-specific vaccination requirement can be discussed,” he said in Stuttgart on Tuesday. The vaccination coverage for assistants and the low-skilled in residential care institutions is currently relatively low.

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) made it clear to Germany: “The federal government’s promise applies: there will be no mandatory vaccination. That also applies to individual professional groups,” Lambrecht told the Bild newspaper on Tuesday. Baden-Württemberg’s health minister, Manne Lucha (Greens), on the other hand, was open to such a move. “A job-specific vaccination requirement can be discussed,” he said in Stuttgart on Tuesday. The vaccination coverage for assistants and the low-skilled in residential care institutions is currently relatively low.

German Ethics Council human geneticist Wolfram Henn had also introduced mandatory vaccination for employees in schools and daycare centers, arguing with their “special work-related responsibility” that children are not yet vaccinated and can carry infections in their families. From the point of view of the German Teachers’ Association, that would not be necessary. The willingness of teachers to vaccinate is very high, said association president Heinz-Peter Meidinger of the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.


The discussion continues for now. A vaccination is not planned in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed on Tuesday. You and Health Minister Spahn rely on “advertising” and “persuasion”. “The more we are vaccinated, the freer we will be again, the more freely we can live again,” Merkel said, also calling on families, friends or clubs to encourage people to get vaccinated.

The chairman of the German Ethical Council, Alena Buyx, also speaks out against the mandatory corona vaccination. According to them, the problem cannot be compared with the mandatory vaccination against measles. This came into effect in 2020 and stipulates that children must show a vaccination to go to childcare or school. Employees in the facilities must also be vaccinated. Buyx said on “Welt” that the vaccination coverage you need against measles for so-called herd immunity is significantly higher because it is much more contagious. In addition, the measles vaccination requirement was preceded by a very long public debate.

However, it cannot be ruled out that there will one day be a much-discussed ‘indirect corona vaccination obligation’. The free citizen tests, which give access to events or other offers such as a vaccination certificate, can be charged for those who have not been vaccinated in the long term.

Testing costs the state huge sums of money, Söder said. If everyone had been offered a vaccination offer, one would have to wonder whether the tests could remain completely free. The federal government does not rule this out either. Chancellor Merkel limited that measures “that are such an indirect mandatory vaccination” should be carefully considered, for example because children cannot yet be vaccinated and because there are reasons for some people not to be vaccinated.

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