More refugees rescued in the Mediterranean | Free press


Time and again migrants from Africa try to get to Europe in small boats across the Mediterranean. Aid organizations have taken hundreds of people back on their ships within a few hours.

Rome (dpa) – The Sea-Watch organization’s sea rescue workers have brought more boat migrants to safety in the central Mediterranean.

The crew of the “Sea-Watch 4” brought nearly 190 people on board on Friday and Saturday evenings in two additional missions, the Berlin-based organization announced on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon, Sea-Watch confirmed another campaign involving nearly 100 people rescued. After five missions, a total of about 400 boat migrants are on board the ship. Sea-Watch has now requested a safe harbor in Italy and Malta.

The “Ocean Viking” of the organization SOS Mediterranee has meanwhile been assigned the port in Augusta on the island of Sicily by the Italian authorities, the organization wrote on Saturday. According to SOS Mediterranee, there are 236 people on board the ship, many of them unaccompanied minors. The landing was therefore scheduled for Saturday.

The two organizations, among others, criticized the Libyan coastguard and the EU for the fact that the Libyan authorities repeatedly returned migrants to the civil war country. SOS Mediterranee demanded that a European search and rescue program be set up.

In Libya, migrants are at risk of human rights violations. In rubber boats, many people try again and again to reach Europe by sea via the central Mediterranean. According to information from the UN, just under 490 people died at sea this year.

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