More child benefits transferred abroad in 2020 | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – Last year, EUR 427.4 million in child benefits was transferred abroad, more than the year before.

In 2019, that was 397.9 million, according to information from the Federal Ministry of Finance to AfD member Rene Springer, which is available to the German news agency in Berlin. In 2015, the total amounted to 261.0 million euros, after which it fluctuated.

Child benefits can also be received for children abroad if the parents or other relatives who have custody live or work in Germany. There are EU rules for this, but also agreements with a few non-European countries, including Turkey, Serbia and Morocco.

According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, child benefits were granted in December for a total of 330,063 children living abroad. This is a sharp increase since 2015, when 158,169 children abroad were still granted child benefits.

Springer, his group’s spokesman on social policy, said that in some Eastern European countries child benefits for two children are equal to a monthly wage. “This creates incentives for immigration in our social systems, which are further enhanced by the increase in child support. To prevent this from happening, we as the AfD parliamentary group are calling on the federal government to reduce child benefits in relation to the local cost of living. “

A similar scheme exists in Austria. In 2018 it was decided to adjust the payment of child benefit to the cost of living in the child’s country of residence. The European Commission is therefore suing Austria at the European Court of Justice. The rules are discriminatory and therefore contrary to EU law, the Brussels authority stated.

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