More bad news regarding startup space

After announcing the unavailability of the PlayStation 5 in stores and the incompatibility of a resolution with some screens, Sony continues the bad news. The latest is in terms of storage space, which is limited at startup. Players therefore risk filling it up quickly with no solutions available.

Limited space on startup

The PlayStation 5 still has an 825 GB SSD. However, this sum is not fully made available to gamers as they only need to be satisfied with 664 GB. And while some have already seen how to address this problem by purchasing an external SSD to connect to their console, Sony has just confirmed that the PlayStation 5 cannot increase its storage space when it starts up.

A week before the PlayStation 5 release, the bad news is mounting. And although Mark Cerny foresaw it in March of last year, the Japanese manufacturer has finally confirmed it: the storage space is not yet available. Players will have to wait for a future update to arrive even though a date has not yet been announced. So be patient while voluminous games are already showing the end of their nose.

Such is the case with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which is expected to weigh around 250GB after all updates and patches are installed. The ability to increase storage space is essential for invested gamers who want to access multiple games simultaneously on their PlayStation 5. In addition, not all hard drives are compatible, as this will be required first, the latter has a minimum bandwidth of 5.5 Gbps and a PCIe Gen4 connection to allow configuration of the next-gen console. Hopefully the upgrade unlocking update will be available soon.

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