“Monologues do Penis”: the new comedy (for men and women) from Casino Estoril

“Monologues do Penis”: the new comedy (for men and women) from Casino Estoril

Ricardo Carriço and Ricardo Castro are the duo who star in this show. Opens on 09/22

Ricardo Carriço is one of the protagonists.

After “Monólogos da Vagina”, a series of shows that deal with issues of femininity, the satirical comedy “Monólogos do Pénis” follows. Opens on September 22nd at Casino Estoril and is played by Ricardo Carriço and Ricardo Castro.

It is presented with the premise of “what men really say about women” in a “for both sexes” comedy.

“Women (boys) have always been very curious about what men (boys) are talking about when they gather around a table in a bar… Easy, isn’t it? (…) A conversation between two friends that reveals what men are silent when women are present. Your wishes, preferences and concerns. Confessions between a “life-destroying” car salesman and an “educated” journalist and writer. The life experience of each of these friends sets the tone for a conversation in which they speak openly and reflect on the female soul and body of the woman, often without using words to define them ?! A portrait of behavior through two very different discourses ”can be read in the synopsis of the project.

“We will hear topics related to sex, performance in bed, advantages and disadvantages of marriage and divorce, fetishes, conquests and desires in relation to anatomical details,” adds the official description of the piece.

The text comes from the Brazilian author Carlos Eduardo Novaes. It was seen by over 1.5 million viewers in Brazil and has been on the stage for over a decade. The Portuguese adaptation is by Luís Filipe Borges, staged by Paulo Cintrão. The play will be on stage at least until October 9th from Thursday to Saturday at 9 p.m. and on Sundays at 6 p.m. It is recommended for people over 18 years of age. Tickets cost € 15 – less on Sundays when the price drops to € 13. They are for sale online.

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