Monet and Klimt’s immersive exhibition in Lisbon costs € 10

The impressive Monet and Klimt exhibition in Lisbon offers a day with cheaper tickets

The initiative is part of Museum Day, which is celebrated on May 18th.

After the presentation in Porto, the impressive show “Impressive Monet & Brilliant Klimt” is in Lisbon and will have tickets for € 10 on Tuesday, May 18, Museum Day. This exhibition, on display in the Mãe d’Água das Amoreiras reservoir, reopened on April 20th and lasts for several 30-minute sessions from Tuesday to Sunday.

With the help of technology, the show has a playful and educational component with 360-degree projections. This is a different perspective on the works of Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt on an area of ​​about two thousand square meters.

When, on Monet’s side, the audience is made to connect with the movement, lines and colors of the impressionist artist, the Klimt grand piano appeals more to romanticism and discovers the intimacy of the Austrian who was responsible for his painting “The Kiss” is famous.

Normally the ticket price is 15 €, children up to three years are free. Between the ages of four and 17, the ticket costs € 12, a value that is valid for people over 65, students and residents of the municipality of Lisbon.

For families there is a special package for two adults and one or more children or young people between the ages of four and 17, which costs € 10 per person. If you want a more exclusive experience, there is also a premium ticket (€ 20) with which you can watch the show from a floating platform.

The exhibition has extended its exhibition until June 30th. To buy tickets or for more information, just visit the official website. All the rules imposed by the DGS are observed and it is not recommended to visit people with epilepsy due to the effects of light and sound.

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