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The radius in which people move does not seem to depend solely on political decisions. Analysis suggests that other factors play a large role.

Wiesbaden (dpa) – Despite the corona relaxation, mobility in Germany is declining again. As the Federal Bureau of Statistics reported Thursday, it fell 13 percent in the first half of March compared to pre-crisis levels in March 2019.

This means that the upward trend did not continue in the second half of February, the agency reported on the basis of a special experimental evaluation of anonymized and aggregated mobile phone data.

According to the statisticians, the results show “that the mobility of the population has increased only insignificantly after the relaxation of the corona restrictions in the course of the federal states resolutions of March 3, 2021”. According to the data, mobility increased only in circles with an incidence below 50. “In circles with an incidence between 50 and 100 it remained almost identical and in circles with an incidence above 100 it even fell slightly.”

How mobile people are also seems to depend on the weather: On the weekend after the relaxation announcement, the sun shone for an average of two hours – mobility was 21 percent below the pre-Corona year comparison value. Last weekend, with seven hours of sunshine, mobility was only 15 percent below the reference value. “During 2020, a difference of five hours of sunshine on the weekend was accompanied by an average change in mobility that was about five percentage points higher,” the statisticians calculated.

Range of motion also seems to depend on where you live. As the data shows, mobility in the city-states has decreased significantly more than in the large-scale states, compared to pre-crisis levels.

The analysis with means of transport shows that since the beginning of November 2020, almost a quarter fewer car journeys have been made through Germany than before the Corona crisis. The number of train journeys fell much more sharply: by almost two-thirds. The number of domestic German air travel even fell by about 90 percent.

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